OLSD in San Jose, California - OHIO Olentangy School District Fails to act on Confirmation of Bullying

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The OLSD of central Ohio received complaints about Bullying. The complaint was taken to the superintendent's office, where-by it was then directed to the specific school building administration, specifically the Principle and Assistant principle.

These administrators conducted and completed an investigation, during the investigation the child confessed, that he in-fact (by national and state definition of bullying and harassment) had bullied another student. With the confession the student, the Principle and Assistant Principle failed to act! The Student received no disciplinary action and was selected by the Principle and Assistant Principle as a leader within the school.

People within the system Failed of to enforce rules in place and do their JOB! The District writes strong language and guidance within the student handbook; however people with integrity need to manage these "rules" for them to be effective.



We are one of probably the most severe cases of Olentangy ignoring bullying and failing to follow their own policy

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